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Grinding Machine


Star Trace is a professional grinding machine manufacturer in India, which adopts advanced manufacturing equipment and technology to produce various grinding machines. Our grinding machines are convenient to operate and are of reliable performance.

Star Trace Spices Grinding Machine offered by us is a high-speed hammer and screen mill that mechanically impacts process material, resulting in size reduction. This particular method of size reduction is characterized by minimum heat build up during the milling process, and short residence time and high energy.

Working Principle:

The machine uses the relative movement between the active fluted disc and the fixed fluted disc to impact, grind and crush the target materials. The size of granules can be achieved by changing of the screen. The machine has the features of easy structure, solid, stable running and good efficiency.

The crushed material is discharged directly from the grinding chamber of the main frame. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, with smooth inside walls to avoid powder accumulation on the inside walls. Those pharmaceutical, chemical and food stuff products from the machine are in accordance with national requirement, achieving industrial standard.


  • Simple and solid in structure.
  • Stable in operstion.
  • High crushed efficiency.
  • The crushed raw material can be discharged through the grinding chamber.
  • Moreover,different size of raw material to be crushed & can be got through exchanging screen with different mesh.
  • Its inner wall is processed finely, so it is smooth and level.
  • It overcome the shortcomings existed in the old model such as roughness, accumulated powder.
  • The design Built inner motor, the machine’s centre of gravity lower, effectively reducing the noise of the equipment.


A variety of food crops, such as chilli .sesame, walnut, rice, black rice, soybeans, mung bean, peanut, lotus seed, maize, sorghum, barley, buckwheat, milk powder ,oats, etc...

All dry ingredients including almonds, Poria, Jujube, Gorgon fruit, wolfberry, barley, hawthorn fruit, Chinese yam, Radix, red beans, gelatin, mastic, dodder seed, angelica, Codonopsis and Astragalus.


Model STGM - 10 STGM - 60 STGM - 100 STGM - 160 STGM - 500
Capacity(kg/h) 10-30 60-150 100-300 160-800 500-1500
Speed of principal axis(r/min) 6000 4500 3800 3400 2800
Size of input granules(mm) <5 <6 <10 <12 <15
Fineness of products(mesh) 12-120 12-120 12-120 12-120 12-120
Power(kw) 2.2 4 5.5 7.5 15
Weight(kg) 80 250 320 550 600
Overall size (L×W×H)(mm) 600×500×1000 550×600×1250 600×750×1450 750×900×1550 950×1000×1850


1. Technical data specification subject to change.

2. Customized grinding machines can be made on request, Please send us Your's Technical data and application, required for our engineers to provide.