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Magnetic Equipments

Offering you a complete choice of products which include belt conveyor metal detectors, demagnetizer, digital flux meter, digital gauss meter, magnetic sheet fanners and magnetizer.

Approx. Rs 80,000 / Unit
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Star Trace is one of the leading conveyor metal detector equipment manufacturer who has several years of experience in designing, manufacturing and exporting conveyor belt metal detectors which stand for superior technology.


Detection of metals is mandatory in umpteen number of industries for the following reasons:

  • Protects costly equipment.
  • Aids smooth work flow
  • End product is metal free
  • Worth the investment



  • The purpose of installing a conveyor metal detector is to completely remove ferrous metal from a product flow which is through a conveyor. The conveyor metal detector is installed just below the conveyor belt and starts working as soon as its engaged. Detection of metal particles raises an alarm and a suitable rejection procedure is followed to remove the contaminant.


To make the most of the conveyor belt metal detectors the following features are available:

  • Detecting metals from loose as well as clustered feeds
  • Sensitivity levels are high
  • Reliable and user friendly
  • Customization of conveyor metal detector according to application
  • Ease of operation
  • Time and money saving

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Approx. Rs 75,000 / Unit
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Features of Tunnel Type:
  • Super efficiency in demagnetizing and magnetizing suitable for any kinds of metals.
  • Merely using tools to pass through or move into a tunnel will cause a good effect.
  • Suitable for planned automatic process be adapted for delivery belts to proceed in order to increase productivity.
  • Suitable for large production of component spare parts, attachments, tools, etc.
  • Suitable for hand manual tools, etc. for filling magnetism.
  • Attached a fan inside for dissipating heat.
  • Special specifications will be made subject to customer’s requirements.



Power SourceCapacityDity CycleDimensionGateNet Weight
AC 220/330 V (Single Phase)3250 VA100%37037020010015050 kg
4540 VA47037020015025055 kg
AC 220/330 V(3 Phase)4500 VA720520200270470140 kg

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Approx. Rs 75,000 / Unit
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Product Details:
ModelSTFM 201
Range 500 Maxwell to 1.999 x 108 Maxwell full scales
Output 1 Volt D.C. across 1 kilo Ohms
Display 31/2 Digit L.E.D panel meter
Input Resistance:100 x Scale factor Ohms. kilo Ohms
Input Power240 V, 50 Hz, 50 VA

Model STFM 201 fluxmeter is an advanced version of Model STFM 110. It is a high speed precision instrument which integrates with any voltages signal when applied to its input terminals. It is used as a Flux Meter, Gauss Meter, and voltage integrator and also applied in application such as perimeters hysteresis loop tracers, magnetic field surveyors, production test equipment and have many other applications. Model STFM201 is completely solid state offers dependable low maintenance service. The read out is a three and a half digit LED panel meter. The four digit scale factor allows the user to get output in Maxwell turns, Maxwell or Gauss. Overall accuracy is ± 0.5% of full scale. Its magnetic sensitivity is 500 Maxwell to 1.999 x108 Maxwell turns. Output terminals provide a signal adequate for driving an X-Y recorder. This feature is useful when DC or AC hysteresis loop tracing is required. The instrument can be instantly reset to zero by means of a reset button conveniently located on the front panel. 


  • Accuracy: ±0.5%.
  • Display: 31/2 Digit L.E.D panel meter
  • Drift: ± 1% per minute, maximum

  • Application of Magnetic Flux Meter is to measure D.C. Magnetic Fields. Ferro Detections, Field Surveyors, Production at System and Hysteresis Loop Tracer.

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Approx. Rs 25,000 / Unit
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Product Details:
Weight 1 kg approx
Range Full Scal0 to 2 and 0 to 20 Kilo Gauss
Power Battery operated 9 Volt DC
Resolution 0.1 % of full scale
DisplayLED Display

Digital Gauss Meter is hand held devices which are used to measure D.C magnetic field using Hall Probes. The Gauss meter is available in two different ranges and helps in quick calibration. As the Digital Gauss meter is easy and simple to handle it is extensively used in industries which require measurement of magnetic field.

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Approx. Rs 65,000 / Unit
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Star Trace Magnetic Sheet Separator are designed to reduce costs and increase safety when destacking steel sheet stock. A constant Powerful magnetic field automatically separates the sheets. As fast as the top sheet is removed, the next sheet instantly moves up. The operator quickly and safely handles one sheet at a time -no-longer is prying of sticky, oily, pre-finished or polished sheets necessary. Also eliminated are die damaging due to double sheets Magnetic Sheet Separators will handle steel sheets of almost any length, width or shape. For Maximum effectiveness, locate the separator at a corner(s) of large sheets and in the center of the width or length on smaller sheets. Separator placed opposite each other on small sheets will actually float the sheets. The sheets near the top of the stack separator instantly from a 3/4" to 11/2" gap, depending on sheet thickness and size. As soon as the sheets are removed from the separator, they are no longer magnetized.


  • Permanent magnetized
  • Convenient cary handle
  • Durable welded construction
  • Non-corrosive enclosure

  • Custom sizes
  • Mounting options
  • Extra power models



Heavy DutyExtra Heavy Duty
Part No.ABCPart No.ABC

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Approx. Rs 65,000 / Unit
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Product Details:
Operating voltage 240 V A.C 1 Phase
Output Voltage 1200 volts (Adjustable)
Mode 1 Charging (cycle time - 3-4 sec)
Output current Pulse Train Tupe with 5 K.A. Peak
Solid State SCR based
Discharging capacity 99.9% of fully assembled speaker

Impulse Magnetisers:
  • Impulse Magnetisers with magnetisation fixtures made to customer's specifications to magnetise, demagnetise and calibrate magnet systems,for example in electro motors, loudspeakers, sensors etc.

  • It offers proven quality in compact design.
  • Operation of magnetisation equipment in a 24 hour / seven day a week industrial environment requires only the best design and components.
  • Our goal is to be invisible! No problems or concerns with this machine.We use a 2000 Volt magnetisation technique.
  • The combination of 2000 V with medium capacitors allows for moderate magnetization impulses. This gives more magnetization field in the magnets with lower losses in the steel.
  • Its maximum energy of 10000 Ws meets a wide range of magnetization tasks.

Outstanding Features:

  • 2000 Volt max. Voltage
  • 10000 Ws Energy
  • 25,000 A max. current
  • Siemens PLC
  • Digital operator panel
  • Digital voltage setting
  • 1 V accuracy
  • Analog voltage monitor
  • Fixture temperature monitor
  • Built-in current monitor
  • Compact design
  • Single shift 1 year warranty

Magnetic Coil Type:
  • STR Series of Magnetisers cum Demagnetisers are totally new types of machines which perform a dual role of charging and discharging of fully assembled speakers by just flick of a button. They are basically high voltage capacitive discharge equipment which can fully saturate an assembled speaker magnet or fully discharge the same without having to dismantle them in any way.


  • STR Range of Magnetisers cum de magnetisers can fully charge or discharge assembled speakers. Hence they are adaptable for assembly line operation. This saves a lot of time and labour of dismantling the magnets from speakers for discharging applications.
  • The STR - Range pay for themselves in a short time.

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Electromechanical Vibrating Feeder
Coal Handling Plant
Vibro Sifter

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